Costa Rica has a Super Bowl Champion

Few people including expat retirees know that Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and his famous wife, model Gisele Bündchen, have a beautiful hill-top home in Costa Rica. There house overlooks the small town of Santa Teresa on the country’s Pacific Coast.

The Brady’s visit their paradisiacal getaway several times a year to unwind. The couple originally chose the area because they can easily blend in, virtually go unnoticed and above all enjoy all that the area has to offer. Giselle once stated, “I really love the nature here, it bring me down to earth and makes me feel connected. Costa Rica is magic. It feels as if time has stopped for me when I am here.”

The couple’s love for the Santa Teresa area led them to get married there in 2009 in an intimate ceremony for family and close friends.

Situated at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa has a friendly flavor with many people coming to surf, but then falling in love and staying. It is known worldwide for being one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica with a variety of world-class breaks offering ideal surf conditions throughout the year. When visiting Tom can be seen surfing almost daily. Even though Santa Teresa is a small town, it has a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, activities, pristine beaches and spectacular sunsets. In the past the area’s wonders have also attracted the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, singer Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame, and actors Matthew McConaughey and Liam Hemsworth, to name a few.

Santa Teresa offers something to match every budget. The town definitely has an international flavor where it is not unusual to meet people from all over the world. Scores of adventurous retirees who live in Costa Rica visit the area frequently.

Santa Teresa is just one of the many incredible places that expat retirees can visit and enjoy in Costa Rica. The country’s beaches, mountain, volcanos, rivers, national parks, rain forests, hot springs and other natural wonders beckon everyone.

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