Three of Costa Rica’s Private Hospitals make significant improvements

In my last article I wrote about Costa Rica being the second most affordable country in the world for health care. Only Malaysia tops this country for inexpensive medical care. Access to affordable medical care is extremely important when choosing a country to retire abroad.

In the same article I mention that Costa Rica is also considered a mecca for inexpensive medical tourism including dental implants, joint replacement and cosmetic surgery. All of these procedures are performed at Costa Rica’s private hospitals.

The country’s Clinica Biblica, Hospital Metropolitano and La Católica Hospital are three of these private medical facilities that continually strive to improve their services, renovate and expand to other areas of the country.

The first of these three hospitals has invested US$10 million to renovate its facility in downtown San José. Furthermore, the hospital opened a small branches at Marina Pez Vela in Quepos and Cabo Velas de Santa Cruz, and acquired a cancer clinic in San José’s La Uruca district. The director of the hospital indicated that new branches will open in four provinces in the next five years.

Hospital Clínica Biblica, is building hospitals in Santa Ana, Heredia and Tres Ríos during the next five years. The medical center in Santa Ana, located just of the Highway 27, will offer medical specialities and emergency care 24 hours a day. It will also have a laboratory, pharmacy, ambulatory surgery rooms and heliport. In the future, they hope to develop a special area for the care of the elderly. The Heredia medical center will be similar in size and function to the one Santa Ana.

Finally, La Católica Hospital recently invested more than US$2 million on the purchase of surgical equipment and the remodeling its hospital.

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