Costa Rica is the number 2 expat destination in the world. Why?

Costa Rica was chosen as the second best country to live abroad, according to a survey conducted by the expat website InterNations.

The organization polled more than 12,500 of its expat members from 166 different nationalities to get their opinion on their adopted countries. More than 40 factors were evaluated such as quality of life, ease of settling in, work, family life, personal finances and cost of living, among others. The results could help potential expatriates decide if they are ready choose Costa Rica as a long-term relocation destination.

The country stands out far above the crowd since it offers tranquility, surrounded by friendly and happy people. The warm welcome of its people and the attitude towards the foreigner, in addition to its lifestyle, merit its second place ranking,” says the article published by Forbes Magazine. The country ranks first in the world for finding friends which is of paramount importance for those relocating to a new place since it helps them adapt more quickly to a new environment. Furthermore, the country offers the freedom to live tranquilly (no army or terrorism), have a quality lifestyle for less, and be surrounded by peaceful, kind and happy people.

Costa Rica is a low-drama country—and that appears to be one of the draws according to expats living there. It is is also in the top ten for the quality of life, ease of settling in and family life. Because of the above, including the warm weather and slower pace of life, forty-eight percent of those interviewed could see themselves living there forever.

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