It is now easier that ever to relocate to Costa Rica for the reasons below

Let’s look at the why it is easy for retirees and expats of all ages choose to relocate to Costa Rica.

  1. Distance – Costa Rica is conveniently located only a few hours from Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Miami.
  2. Costa Rica has had a large expat community for three decades and it is easy to meet others through clubs, social media and hundreds of interesting activities which are available for people of all ages.
  3. Sype, Vonage, Magic Jack and other affordable platforms are available for those who need to stay in touch with love ones, run on-line business or communicate with friends.
  4. Public transportation is affordable, readily available and covers all parts of the country. So, you really do not need an automobile.
  5. Costa Ricans are very friendly and are use to dealing with North Americans, so it is easy to fit in and adapt. We are welcome here! Nicaragua and Ecuador have governments that deep down do not like us since they are aligned in an axis with dictatorships in Venezuela and Cuba.
  6. A lot of Costa Ricans speak English, especially young people, but it good to know some Spanish.
  7. It is easy to become a resident if you meet the requirements.
  8. U.S. products are available in most supermarkets. For instance, products for Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie filler and Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce may be found here.
  9. The Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR) is an organization which helps expats obtain residency, a drivers license, open a bank account, health insurance, provides useful contacts and a whole lot more. I don’t know of any other foreign country that offers similar services.
  10. There is NO terrorism, mass shootings, no army or some of the other issues which plague the States. The country has NO enemies.
  11. Health care options are many and affordable compared to the U.S.
  12. Finally, my retirement tours are the perfect introduction to the country with no hidden agendas or pressure to by property. See for details.

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  1. Hi.
    I currently live in Clearwater FL.
    It’s boring. I’m 68 and have enough social security and friends I could live with.
    I want to manufacture a product made of wood and use local labor to assemble and manufacture product parts from a CAD drawing I have. Its a medical product and is a life saving product. Who would I contact their. Tom

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