Expats in Costa Rica most often feel safer than in the U.S.

I have lived in Costa Rica for nearly 40 years and those who relocate here have told me on repeated occasions that they feel safer and more at ease than in the United States. Many Americans are ill-informed and think that some countries in Latin America are in a constant state of war and that crime is rampant. Granted, there are a few countries like Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras and el Salvador with horrendous crime rates. I remember that shortly after moving here one of my friends in the States asked me, “Isn’t there a revolution going on there?” Costa Rica hasn’t experienced political turmoil since the late 1940s.

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Even Medellín, and the Colombia in general have lower crime rates than many places in the U.S. like Chicago and Detroit. In fact, Colombia’s new motto is, “The only danger is that you may not want to return home after visiting.” One expat remarked “I feel safer here in Medellín than in many large cities in the U.S”. You don´t see the mass shootings you do in the States,” “ I have been living here for couple of years, and not once have I felt in danger. Both the local people and the expat community have been very welcoming.” In one report 25 U.S. cities were considered much more dangerous than Medellín.

There are places in the U.S. where you always have to keep you eyes open and looking over your shoulder. I was once robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco California but have never been a victim here nor have felt threatened day or night.

In Costa Rica, which has the reputation of being the most peaceful country in Latin America, there have never been mass shootings.. However, be aware that NO country in the world is crime-free. I have to admit that burglary and petty theft do exist in Costa Rica but we don’t have the heinous crimes like people killing their whole family as in the States. We do have drug -related violence in some of the poorer areas but the murder rate is far lower than, let’s say, Chicago.

Believe me! wouldn’t be living here if I thought it was dangerous. I have a family to look out for.

Tell me the last time you heard or saw anything about expats being victims of violent crime in Costa Rica, mentioned in the U.S. or world media?

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