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What the clients say

Here what a few of the 1000s of clients we have helped say about Christopher's tours. Please fell free to contact them.


Last year my wife and I visited Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama while on a fact finding mission to find out which country would work best for our retirement. Because of our hectic schedule we chose to do our due diligence by taking three different private retirement tours to the respective countries.
First, I found a gentleman who offered tours to Ecuador. He did an adequate job but made too much of a hard sell. We did enjoy the trips to Cuenca and Salinas on the coast.  But in the end we just found Ecuador to be too far off the beaten path for our liking.
Next, we visited Costa Rica and took a 5-day private tour with Christopher Howard. We visited areas in the Central Valley and Central and South Pacific Coast. We ended up liking the Central Valley more because of the temperate climate and many places from which to choose. 
Finally, we went to Panama.  Other than Panama City, Coronado, Altos de María and Boquete there were not any other areas that were worthwhile. Panama City proved to be too hot and busy for our taste and the other places were just too remote and boring. The country does offer an attractive program for retirees with many incentives. However, the negatives far outweighed the positives.
When all was said and done Costa Rica was an overwhelming choice because of the weather, variety of places to live in the Central Valley and overall better quality of life. However, what really closed the deal for us was Christopher Howard's  knowledge of the country, people and customs,  his professionalism and the general quality of his tour.  We could never  have done a tour like this on our own nor have been in better hands.  Christopher connected us with the Association of Residents, a mover and others who made our move go as smoothly as possible. He even helped us find a rental property in the area of our choice. 
My wife have taken tours all over the world and Christopher's was right up near the top. It was also the most unique tour we have ever taken.
Tom and Linda Potter
Naranjo, Costa Rica
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"In January 2014, we took Chris' Central Valley tour. We found the information presented by both Christopher and the ARCR to be invaluable as we planned our move to Costa Rica. We have now made our move to San Luis de Grecia and love it here. The move went very smoothly because we were able to use the contacts provided by both Christopher and the ARCR. Thanks to the tour, we knew what to expect. Christopher gave a broad overview of life in Costa Rica, places to consider (or not), insights into the culture and the types of housing available. Since our move, we have been in touch with Chris and he has continually helped us with any questions we had as we settled in. During our tour, we met some like-minded people who have now become our friends. Several of them are planning to move here soon. We would not hesitate to recommend Chris and his tour to anyone who is considering moving to or retiring in Costa Rica."

Thanks, Chris, for helping to make our retirement move such a success!

Ann & Philip Harreld (Ticos Nuevos)
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Dear Chris,

This letter is long overdue. I took your retirement tour a few years ago. First, let me say it was one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I have ever made. I could not have seen the Central Valley on my own for twice the money and had someone to explain all the wonders of Costa Rica. But the main reason I'm writing is because of you and your information, I fell in love with Costa Rica.

I am the police chief of a small town in Oklahoma and plan to retire in less than three years, and am spending all of my vacation time in Costa Rica. I had been divorced for several years, and had just about decided that I was destine to spend the rest of my life alone. On one of my trips to Costa Rica I met Paulina who is not the typical Costa Rican woman. She is a professor at one of the universities in San José. She is very independent and has been divorced for six years. To make a long story short, we met and it was instant love. 

This has been like a fairytale, to find love, a wonderful lady to share my life with and a new home in what I consider to be the most beautiful country in the world. All I can tell others is to come to Costa Rica with an open mind, learn the language and meet the people. They are so sweet and kind. If you want someone to show you they love you, then meet a Costa Rican woman.

If anyone wishes to talk to me, I would be more than happy to help them if I can. I would recommend anyone thinking of moving to Costa Rica to take the tour, have an open mind and a dream in their heart.

Don Autry
Okemah, Oklahoma
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First, I was impressed with the efficiency of Mary at your U.S. office and the fact that you personally called me a few days before the tour to answer any questions I had.

My fiend and I arrived at the Airport in San Jose late in the evening and your driver found us without any difficulties and took us straight to the Hotel. The Hotel accommodations were great, the rooms were very clean and the staff extremely helpful.

We really enjoyed the 2-day seminar that gave us insight into the pros and cons of moving to Costa Rica.  We were able to ask just about any question we had about the country.  

The highlight of trip, was the actual tour where you took us to see the most important areas in the  Central Valley. You also gave us the opportunity to take a mini- sample Spanish course and savor some delicious native fruit in the process. We have used that Spanish that we learned ever since.

Then, your friends who had built their stunning home in the mountains opened their home to us.  Thus, we were able to speak with "real people" who had actually made the move to Costa Rica. It says a lot for you that people are willing to open their home to strangers because they are on your tour.

One of my personal favorites was on the first day of the tour when you took us to a restaurant that served the most amazing chicken I had ever tasted. It was grilled over coffee wood which gaves it an absolutely unique flavor:) !!!

I have been researching Costa Rica since 1998 and had visited several times prior to the tour.  I am now in the position where I can actually make this move. Taking your tour helped me make the decision and I definitely plan to return in November. 

Thanks again!
Sybille Ahlstrom
April 2014
My name is Steven Goins and I have been living  in a beachfront apartment at Jaco Beach, Costa Rica for almost a year.
My saga began a few years ago when I decided to retire in Costa Rica after hearing so many wonderful things about the country. I spent over two years  and hundreds of hours on-line while I did my research and due diligence on the country. When all was said and done, I came to the conclusion that Christopher Howard's Relocation/Retirement tour was the perfect introduction to the country and the only way to go.
I knew in my heart that Costa Rica was beckoning me and didn't want to waste any time. So, I decided that I was going to move there right after Christopher's tour ended. I called Christopher toll-free from the States and  told him about my game plan. He recommended that I should check out the country first before making the big move. I told him that my mind was made up and I was moving there immediately after the tour finished. 
I chose to take Christopher's 8-day Combination  Pacific Beach and Central Valley Tour because it is the most complete one he offers and provides the best picture of the country. It turned out to be just what I needed and by far exceeded my expectations. I could have never seen all of the areas we visited and gained the information and insight that I got from this all-encompassing tour. 
I am visually impaired and Christopher and his staff went the extra mile to help me with all of my specific needs. In fact, everyone in my tour group was pleased with the personalized attention they received, Christopher's professionalism and felt they got  their money's worth and more from the tour. 
More important was that all of us concluded that we could have never done a tour like the one Christopher provides on our own. He was so accommodating that he even let me store 12 suitcases at his home while I got settled and looked for a permanent place to live. He then had all of my luggage delivered to me in Jaco Beach. Before I forget, he also helped my find my apartment through his contacts.
As I mentioned at the beginning I am presently living happily in Costa Rica and don't regret the move for one moment. I have truly found my own slice of paradise and watch beautiful sunsets every day of the year from my apartment. For me Costa Rica is an oasis of sanity in this crazy world.
Thank you Christopher for making it all possible.
¡pura vida!
Steven Goins

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