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Have you ever dreamed of the perfect place to
live or retire with a great lifestyle?
You have found it and Christopher Howard will introduce you to it.

Costa Rica is a unique tropical retirement paradise which offers inexpensive living and retirement; affordable first-world medical care for retirees; the opportunity to start over; lots of great outdoor sports for retirees; every imaginable activity for Boomers, retirees and other expats to stay busy and happy; stunning scenery with sun-soaked, beautiful beaches and spectacular mountains.

Add to all this a peaceful nation with political stability and year round spring-like weather in the Central Valley, the friendly people who actually like Americans and it is easy to see why Costa Rica has become tops on the list of expatriate and Baby Boomer retirement havens. More Americans live and retire here per capita than any other country outside of the United States. They can’t be wrong!

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Christopher Howard is a straight-shooter who will will show and tell  you about the upside and downside.

  • A place to retire with DIGNITY where you can live your retirement dream
  • FIRST-CLASS health care at a fraction of the price you pay at home and mecca for medical tourism. Costa Ricans have a HIGHER longevity rate than the U.S. and The World Health Organization rates Costa Rica ABOVE the U.S
  • YEAR-ROUND spring-like weather in the Central Valley
  • LOW utility bills and home taxes (.25 percent of declared value)
  • UNTARNISHED international image. How often do you hear bad things in the news about Costa Rica? Only good news!
  • Latin America's oldest and most STABLE democracy
  • SAFEST country in Latin America according to a 2014 United Nations Report. 
  • NO army and NO terrorism. Costa Rica has NO enemies. Money spent on “cradle to grave” universal health care and education.
  • VALUE real estate investments. Costa Rica is considered one of the world's BEST emerging real estate markets and HIGHLY-DESIRED warm weather destination like Hawaii. Many properties are in locations with BREATHTAKING views
  • MORE Americans residents proportionately than any country in the world
  • A TIGHTLY-KNIT large expatriate community
  • The ONLY country in Latin America with a time-tested  organization in place  that helps retirees with everything you need to know to make the move from A to Z
  • EXCELLENT quality of life
  • GOOD communications with high-speed internet in many areas
  • OPPORTUNITIES for entrepreneurs of all ages
  • Super FRIENDLY people who like Americans
  • MANY people who speak English (Chris will give you short cuts for Speaking Spanish)
  • 1000s of activities to stay busy and HAPPY. Costa Ricans are the HAPPIEST people in the world and it just may rub off on you.
  • A nature lovers Disneyland
  • AFFORDABLE hired help
  • The pure BEAUTY of the country
  • Fantastic beaches and WARM water
  • Latin America's #1 tourist destination according  to Travel Weekly Magazine
  • Many American products and services AVAILABLE.
  • A USER-FRIENDLY country for Americans
  • CHEAP fruits and vegetables all year
  • EXCELLENT and AFFORDABLE public transportation
  • Any so many MORE intangibles

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Costa Rican Information Sources and Websites:

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Costa Rica Eco-Lodge, Nature Reserve - Birdwatching, Orchids, Nature Photography The Bosque de Paz, Forest of Peace, is an absolute favorite for birders, a prvate mountainous cloudforest reserve that has cooperates with the University of Costa Rica in discovering new species of orchids.

Best of Costa Rican Vacation Rentals - Luxury Beachfront Villa Few vacation rentals in Costa Rica are directly on the beach where you can walk off the patio of an oceanfront infinity pool and within 10 steps be on a warm, sandy and secluded beach. Be sure to come during the turtle nesting season to view turtles laying eggs, sometimes right in front of the house.

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Costa Rica Hotel for Sale - Beach Investment Location with House Own your own business - a hotel and home near the beach in Cahuita. A great opportunity for a part time retired couple looking to live near the Caribbean Ocean.

Costa Rica Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, CAD/CAM Crowns for Teeth in a Day Dr. Luciano practices the full scope of implant dentistry and oral rehabilitation - dental implant placement and computer guided surgery to bone grafts. Pay for your vacation to Costa Rica by saving on excellent dental work.

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Our familiarization tours have won hard-earned credentials that prove general excellence and the right focus. These are the only retirement tours that are:

* Licensed and approved by the Costa Rican government and Tourism Institute (ICT).
* Featured on the NBC Today Show, CNBC World Business News and Fox News.
* In 2010, we won the prestigious Latin America-Asia Travel Excellence Award for the Most Unique Tour in Latin America.
* All tours are led personally by Christopher Howard, the author of 16 editions of the #1 perennial bestseller "New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica — the official guide to relocation." Christopher has lived in Costa Rica 34 years and is Costa Rican citizen. Absolutely NOBODY has his proven expertise, connections or time-tested credibility.

Latin America-Asia Travel Excellence Award

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